Israeli-Palestinian Talks at an Impasse

On Saturday, The Voice of Russia and the Russian newspaper Ria Novosti reported that the Israeli-Palestinian talks were at an impasse:

“If Israel does not extend its moratorium for the construction of settlements on West Bank the direct Palestinian-Israeli talks will be interrupted, Nabil Shaath, a member of the delegation of Palestinian negotiators said in Ramallah Saturday. He also said that Palestinians do not recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the recognition of Israel as the Jewish state is the basic condition for signing a peace agreement with Palestine. Also, He also made it clear that Israel is not going to extend the moratorium on settlement construction.”

Additionally the Israeli newspaper Harretz reported that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has stated that Peace Talks must reassess Israeli-Arabs’ [over a million] right to citizenship in Israel. With the Palestinians refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish state, negotiations must tackle the issue of Israeli-Arab ‘loyalty’. He  suggested that “disloyal” Arab-Israelis should take Palestinian citizenship.

So the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations which resumed earlier this month, after being stalled for almost two years, seemed to have already reached a deadlock, and given birth to another explosive issue of what to do with over a million Arabs who are currently citizens of the Jewish State. Interesting this news was reported on Saturday, September 18, 2010, which was Yom Kippur. Could it be that that the God of Israel is not supportive of giving the ancient kingdoms of Judea and Samaria to a people who serve another god, or even having them in His Land?

Regarding the Russian press reports, Why the  Russian interest? Last March at a meeting in Moscow the International Quartet (United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States) established the goal to seek a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian territories within 24 months. It is an agreement that would include an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories and would make Jerusalem the capital of both Israel and the new Palestinian State.

Considering the present state of affairs in the Middle East it is appropriate to review an article we published in March.

A Time of Decision for All Israel
Could the Samson Option Be the Outcome?

by Angus Wootten    
Written in March 2010

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke at a news conference on Saturday, March 20, 2010, during a visit to the West Bank and declared  that Israel’s settlements in the West bank and East Jerusalem were “illegal.” He also said an agreement had been reach by the International Quartet (United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States). This happened at a recent meeting in Moscow, the goal being to seek a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian territories within 24 months. It is an agreement that would include an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories and would make Jerusalem the capital of both Israel and the new Palestinian State.

For those who grew up in the Evangelical world it is interesting to note that it is the U.N. Secretary-General who delivered this report.  It is fascinating because, in the great debate among Evangelicals about who is the real “Antichrist” (described in biblical prophecy) their conclusion it that it is either the Pope or the leader of the United Nations.  Moreover, in the wildly popular Left Behind series of evangelical Christian novels, the Antichrist takes the form of the Secretary General of the United Nations. He then sets up an abortion-promoting world government and becomes its Global Community Supreme Potentate.
The above land in question is mentioned in Yeshua’s last words (or commands) to His disciples- given just prior to His ascension into Heaven from the Mount of Olives. There He said,: “You shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and [in addition but not in place of] even to the remotest part of the earth.”  Today these areas are known as the older portion of Jerusalem, the ancient kingdoms of Judea (territory of Judah), and Samaria (which was in the territory of Ephraim). In our day they are referred to as the “West Bank.” Under the Quartet Plan these areas would be know as the “State of Palestine.” 

Some 3,800,000 people who now live in the West Bank claim to be the descendants of Abraham through Ishmael, and most of them worship a god called “Allah.” These are the ones who primarily will populate this planned State of Palestine. They will possess the land that was once given, by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Abraham’s descendants through this particular chosen line. Specifically, these heirs, and their compliant companions, were called through Abraham’s heirs, Isaac and Jacob.

So how will this give away of YHVH’s chosen Land be received in Heaven’s Throne Room?

It is surely safe to say, it will not be received well at all. It is less than what our God hopes for His chosen people.

If this is not the best plan of our God, what can we, the Messianic forerunners of Ephraim, do about it? Are we destined to be little more than spectators who are ever-learning about end-time events? That seems to be the role outlined in most end-time scenarios.

In response to our what to do question, let us consider four potential options that are currently available to the secular State of Israel:
     1.  Continue to Postpone a Decision on Statehood. Israel has essentially followed this postponement route for the past forty- three years, ever since the 1967 War. In this vein, they can keep pushing a decision on statehood down the line, all the while seeking to increase the Jewish population in Israel and the West Bank. However, this option leaves the vast majority of the West Bank under defacto Palestinian control and that puts such residents decidedly at risk on a daily basis.
     2.  Two State Solution. Jewish Israel can accept the idea that, to keep Israel “Jewish” they will have to have a smaller State of Israel. In turn, a separate Palestinian State will occupy, if not all, surely the majority of the West Bank, and have East Jerusalem as its Capital.
     3.  One State Solution. Judah can conclude that present-day Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, would collectively become a single State and all of its inhabitants would be equal citizens (anything less than equality means the battle will continue). This single State would in turn initially have a 60% Jewish majority. However, considering Judah’s low birthrate, it would be a serious battle for Judah to maintain a “Jewish” majority. The good news is that, in turn, this decision could well present an opportunity for a greater Ephraimite presence in the land. This could possibly happen if Ephraim were perceived by Judah to be a “lesser evil”- and one that could provide the physical population numbers that would help them continue to be a “Nation of Israel.”  In turn, this single state solution would probably be acceptable to the Palestinians because they would think that, in the long run, they would win the battle of the womb. They believe that their ultimate world destiny is to be the  ruling majority. And woe unto all non-Muslims who fall into their ruling hands.
     4.  The Samson Option. Finally, as a last resort, Israel can exercise what is known as the “Samson Option.” This term describes Israel’s deterrence strategy against nations whose military attacks threaten Israel’s very existence. It speaks of preemptive strikes with nuclear weapons, followed  by massive retaliation- all of which is done as a “last resort.”

The term “Samson Option” comes from the biblical story of Samson, who, after being blinded and pressed into slavery, broke the pillars that supported the roof of the temple of the false god, Dagon. Sampson did this deliberately in order to bring the building crashing down on the heads of his enemies. He also did this knowing that the building would fall on him and probably kill him.

Our question is, would the Jewish people, who are primarily known to revere the gift of life, ever use such a deathly strategy? To answer, we contrast today’s situation with that of the ancient siege of Masada. There, 936 Jews were greatly outnumbered by mighty Rome, whose army spent three years building a ramp in order to reach and defeat the defiant Jews of their day. However, rather than die at the hand of heathen Rome, the Jews of Masada preferred to commit mass suicide. Better to be dead than to be a slave of heathen Rome. Judah went down- fighting.

After the ugly experiences of Hitler’s Holocaust, the late General Moshe Dayan said, hereafter, “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that will happen, before Israel goes under alone.”

In considering the above options it is clear that Option Three offers the greatest hope to collective Israel. It also is surely an option that would be acceptable in Heaven’s Throne Room. Thus, we suggest that the people of Judah now need to exercise the faith that YHVH has complete control of all wombs. (How many times has He proved that point to His people!) YHVH also has repeatedly shown that He is well able to regather Israel’s lost sheep and bring them safely back to His chosen Land.

For these reasons, we opt for the solution of a single State of Israel. We opt for a Biblical decision that will allow for the regathering of Israel’s Twelve Tribes. We opt to have Judah and Joseph regathered together. We want to see the gathering of all of scattered Israel.

Considering our conclusion, we ask, what can we do to help and encourage Judah decide to accept and receive the return of Prodigal Ephraim?

First and foremost, we need to pray for brother Judah. We need to know that they are, on a daily basis, in an extremely wearing and very difficult position. Thus they do not need our judgment, but instead need real, tangible help. Moreover, if we do not want to become part of the problem, our help needs to be solidly Scriptural. Thus, if we want to return to the Chosen Land, we must do so as ladies and gentlemen. We do not go in demanding anything!  Instead, we go in as servants of the Messiah- and as people who preach the Gospel with our lives! If necessary, and if asked, we will use words! We also go in as people who respect what our Father has been doing with our brother. We go in knowing that the God of Israel has thus far, put Judah in charge of the Land!

Messiah Yeshua taught that we are to be as servants at a table! We must never demand a higher position, but instead must wait until a preferred position is offered to us by those who are in charge! (Luke 14:10; 22:27). We cannot overstate our call to absolute humility in service. That does not mean that we compromise our faith, but that we respect the God-given position of those whom we seek to help. We do not compromise when they are in error, and we do not get ugly when they do not see things our way.  We are being called to walk a tightrope of faith across a great chasm, but in Messiah, it can be done! (See above book footnote.)

Option Four is the only option available for forever-learning-spectators- and we do not want to only be spectators in our faith. We instead want to be true Spirit-led, on-fire-doing followers of our Messiah! Therefore, if we want to see Option 3 become a reality, as the Ruach leads, each of us need to step out in faith in Messiah.  If we expect Judah to exercise faith, how much more should we be called to do the same and more!

The article Challenges of Being A Watchman outlines some present-day opportunities that will help result in Jerusalem, all Judea and Samaria being possessed by Israelites whose King is the Greater Son of David!
Shalom b’Yeshua,

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