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  1. Beverly Thacker says:

    Seems that man noted by the #6 or sixth day meeded a place to meet with God. As a loving father he always complies so that we can understand His message. Now we are in the eighth day of resurrection and restoration and we begin to see with the eyes of the Spirit that the mountains and valleys, the heaven and earth, ups and downs are being revealed inside us wherein the Kingdom of God really abides.

    This is my experience of the mystery hid from the foundation of the world, “Christ in you the hope of glory”. While this truth doesn’t negate natural truth, it reveals the need for us to discover who we are in reality, IE, first that which is natural, then that which is spiritual. By this I mean that all our natural relationships are given so that we may understand the spiritual relationship with the Father. Face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart, using our nose brain to smell out the sweet spices of His love. Thank you for the lovely writings. B

    • Administrator says:


      Thank you for your note, it is a blessing. As I read your comment I was reminded of the altar of incense and its place… before the Mercy Seat where the aroma of prayer and the “the sweet spices of His love” is greatest.

      Dennis Northington

  2. Batya says:

    Excellent connections and encouraging word, Dennis.
    Thank you for writing this. It is a blessing.

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