Worldwide Responses to the Letter to the Prime Minister

Help Find Ephraim and Bring him back to the Land

In this update we share portions of some of the responses Alex and Georgina have given in response to the many letters they received to their open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In it, they asked him to please help find Ephraim and bring him too, back to the Land.  

In their replies, Alex and Georgina invited everyone who read their letter to please forward a copy of it to the Prime Minister. They also asked everyone to include a short note to encourage the Prime Minister, and to specify their own city.

Alex and Georgina have received beautiful letters from around the world, from places like Sweden, Australia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, plus many different States in US. This response led them to wonder what Judah would think if they had people from all over the world write, specify their location, and say, “Based on the words of Sacred Scripture, I believe we are part of the people of Ephraim.”

Alex and Georgina point out that it is hard to be faithful and work toward the goal when you feel you’re alone. You can end up as depressed as was Elijah. However, we can change things if we tell people they are not alone and make it possible for them, like Elijah, to see Abba’s precious 7,000 knees that bend only for Him.

Elijah surely felt better when he knew he was not alone. Similarly, the Jewish people, especially those living in the State of Israel, often feel very alone. We think it would help them, and Benjamin Netanyahu in particular, to receive at least 7,000 forwarded copies of the letter written to him by Alex and Georgina: “Help Find Ephraim and Bring Him Back to the Land.” 
It would also help if those forwards contained a personal assurance that Netanyahu, his government, and his Nation, were in your prayers.  You might also want to tell him that, when the Holy One of Israel deems that the time has come for the tents of Ephraim to join those of Judah in the Land, you would be ready to come and help serve the cause.

We ask you to please forward a copy of the Zechariah Patrol Report letter, Help Find Ephraim and Bring Him Back to the Land, to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. Please send copies to the following two Internet addresses:








We also ask you to please forward a copy of this letter to your friends, and, ask them to please forward a copy of the letter to Netanyahu, and to send a copy to their friends too.

May the Lord continue to help us do His Work at a time such as this.
Am YisraelChai!

For the Patrol

This is a team effort, so we would like to hear from you. Just click on the “Leave a Comment” link below and share your thoughts with us. 

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2 Responses to Worldwide Responses to the Letter to the Prime Minister

  1. Lynda Crawford says:

    Praise Yahuwah for Alex and Georgina and others who have taken the time to write to Benyahmin NetanYahu. I am unable to as the email is addressess are not accessable.

    Yes , My husband and I have a strong conviction that we are of Ephraim Yisrael and have stood beside Yahudah for many years. Also we have followed the elections in the Nation of Israel. We also believe that THE TIME OF RESTORATION IS TAKING PLACE! With out whole heart and soul we stand along side the Nation of Yisrael , BenYahmin NetanYahu , Danny Dannon and other leaders who are in the same mind. Let us uphold them as they face an enemy that desires to deceive and rob . Let us draw alongside each other as the bow and arrow.

    Shalom from David & Lynda Crawford [ Brisbane Australia]

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