An Impossible Dream?

Our Father wants to bring people into the Messianic Movement, not by the dozens nor by the hundreds, nor even by the thousands, but by the millions! This is a dream James Noble had. It also is in agreement with a prophecy that Moses gave.

Moses speaking to some two and a half million Israelites as they prepared to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land, said, “The LORD your God has multiplied you, and behold, you are this day like the stars of heaven in number. May the LORD, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand-fold more than you are and bless you, just as He has promised you” (Deuteronomy 1:10-11).

Is fulfillment of Moses’ prophecy in our generation just a dream? Or could it be a possibility?

The Dream
By James Noble

The evening of January 22, 2011, I completed a message entitled, “Preparing to Receive from God,” taken from the Torah Parasha “Yitro”, using scripture from Exodus 19:10-14.  The gist of this message was that we need to come to our meetings prepared and expecting to receive from YHVH.  A dream woke me up at 2:30 AM the next morning.  I don’t usually put a lot of stock in dreams, but this one seemed to come from YHVH.  Here is the dream:

My family and I had gone to Macomb, Illinois, where we were visiting a local body of Messianic believers.  There were about seven people in attendance.  As soon as someone said that it was time to begin, just like they had materialized out of thin air, the building was packed with a large crowd of people!  All three stories of the building were full.   The doors were open and there were people out on the streets.   We all got up to look outside and as far as we could see in all directions, on both sides of the street, people were lined up waiting to get in to the meeting.  They reminded me of people lining the sides of the streets to watch a parade.  As I was moving around the area, I started noticing the people.  About seven of them had on filthy green welding jackets like the ones from the factory in Iowa where I work.  I recognized two of the guys – I work with them!  One of them was standing in the building smoking a cigarette.  I saw another group of people in a parking lot practicing a dance routine, preparing a presentation dance.   Later I saw another group rehearsing for a dance, but this group was very skimpily dressed in Playboy Bunny outfits, complete with fuzzy bunny tails!  I was running around trying to find the leadership of the group but I couldn’t find them because the number of people was so overwhelming!  Then I woke up.

As I lay there contemplating the meaning of this dream, the Lord seemed to impress upon me that He was showing me how He wants to bless His people.  He wants to bring people into the Messianic Movement, not by the dozens nor by the hundreds, nor even by the thousands, but by the millions!  But the problem is that His people are not ready to receive this many people because their expectations are too low.  They do not expect YHVH to do anything so large.  They are satisfied picturing the Father patting them on the back and saying, “Well done,” instead of expecting Him to move miraculously in their lives.   YHVH seemed to be telling me that His people had better be preparing NOW for the great influx of people that He is going to bring in!  If we fail to prepare, we will be overwhelmed and will lose most of them!

I also asked YHVH what it meant for the guy to be smoking, and what was up with the Playboy Bunny costumes.  He seemed to reply that the vast majority of these people are not coming out of the church world; they are going to be people who haven’t ever been to church, and we had better be prepared to accept them as they are!  Since we do not want to leave them as they are, it would then become our duty to disciple them as they are transformed into true followers of Yeshua!

Are we preparing for what our Father is about to do?   Are we prepared to accept people as the Father brings them in, and love them and fellowship with them as the Holy Spirit purifies them and brings about true change in their lives?  If we are preparing for these things, then I believe we have captured the very heart of YHVH!  May Abba make us worthy and ready for the coming move of the Holy Spirit!

James Noble
James Noble and his wife, Juanita, lead Beit Hallel Messianic Fellowship which currently meets at their home in Hamilton, Illinois.  James earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from Southeastern College of the Assemblies of God, and has been an ordained minister and pastor with the Free Methodist Church of North America.  The Nobles were introduced to the Hebrew Roots of their faith about 9 years ago, and have been following the Lord’s leading in the Messianic Movement for over 8 years.  They enjoy traveling locally and using their gifts to strengthen other small fellowships in their area.

Interesting, the week that James Noble had his dream is the same week in which we began to ship Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primer. To date we have shipped over 7000 copies. Undoubtedly a random coincident?

It is quite a dream! Do we ignore it, feeling it is impossible, or do we take the attitude that nothing is impossible with YHVH, and do everything we can to do to make it a reality?

Undoubtedly the best attitude is be led by the Spirit and to take advantage of all the opportunities we are given to bring Israel’s lost sheep back into the fold. Just think what could happen if you gave out ten copies of Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primer, or similar information, and encouraged just two of the ten people to do the same. If they did follow in your footsteps they would reach 20 additional people, and if 4 of these 20 did the same they would reached 80 additional people, and if 16 of these 80 did the same they we would reach an additional 160 people, and so on. By the tenth generation this network which you had started by giving out information to ten people, and assuming they followed in your footsteps would reach 10,240 people.

Far fetched? Yes.

Unlikely that we could encourage people to do it? Yes.

Impossible? No!

Your thoughts and comments.

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6 Responses to An Impossible Dream?

  1. Victoria Kemp says:

    Our community leadership are saying the same thing, that many are coming in and we are not prepared! I had an interesting experience the shabbat before Easter. I was going to service, and many, many people were going over to a side area of the large church where we meet. There was almost no parking left in both big lots. I found a place, and then had to walk across the streaming people to approach the church entry.

    I went up to the second floor, and as I emerged from the elevator, I was in a large hallway area approaching the service. I happened to be late, since there was no parking at first, so the worship was underway. It was beautiful and sweet to hear!
    About halfway down the hall, I realized I was smelling flowers, and knew that the Presence was there with His people in a profound way. I had to stop and kneel in the carpeted hallway, and bathe in His presence.

    How very sad, the crowds were rushing with their children to an Easter egg hunt, while upstairs, not far away, was the overwhelming presence of the living YHVH! I was overcome by the contrast and the Truth I had been shown in it. blessings. vk

  2. Liora Tasker says:

    Thank you for your sharing of The Dream…go to & hear what has come from the end of the earth (New Zealand) Just like you, I was given a chore but in will hear the song (for free) “Kol Kore Le Kol Ha Amim” (A Voice calling all nations) then read Isaiah 48: 8-10. it will confirm your dream…should you like a gratis copy of the joyous songs Abba has sent His people for these times e me back and we will snail mail you one. shavua tov

  3. Encouragement and perhaps confirmation for James of the dream. When I was a small child the area where I lived then had a huge witness procession on Whitsuntide (Shavuot as I now call it) when all the churches with banners flying and band playing marched some five miles along the main street and back. All the non-church goers watched this event from the pavements. A few years ago I had a vision from our Father, whilst I was living in Wales, of this kind of happening EXCEPT that this time it was in reverse ie the church goers were coming out of their churches to watch a mighty march of people (who I sensed in my spirit had just come into Kingdom) marching along the road singing and praising. At the time of this vision I thought of the final harvest that will be brought in, all lovegifts to our wonderful Saviour from Yahwey to His Son, and I praised Him that He would be doing this. However when I read about James’ dream I now believe that yes, it is about the lost coming into the Kingdom but also that they will be more of Ephraim’s mighty men and women and yes, they will need to be discipled in what the Ruach has graciously been teaching us to walk in Torah with grace and mercy and to keep the testimony of our Yeshua. There’s a big job ahead, dear ones and each one of us has a role to play in helping to fulfil the end-time prophecies, don’t we? PLease pray for the UK any Messianic Israelite intercessors out there in the nations. It would seem there are few Messianic Israelites here in the UK and we here, who are walking in this revelation, need all the encouragement we can get. Thank you.
    With much ahava and shalom in our great Messiah Yeshua, Sarah

  4. Ephraim Frank says:

    True, there are multitudes that are hungry and are still in Egypt, but the only place that YHVH has given for them to be satisfied is in the houses of Hebrews. But we must be sure that we are giving them the “lamb” to eat, as this is what gives them and us the strength to get up and go with us out of our bondage.

  5. Betty Smith says:

    It was a privileged to be at the Sabbath service when James Noble first told this dream. I knew immediately this was significant and needed to be shared with a greater audience, so I’m thrilled that you published it.

    I believe some future earth-shattering event will trigger a panic sending millions of people into the streets searching for answers. My guess is that they will be drawn to anyone WHO IS NOT FREAKING OUT to help them make sense of a world turned up-side down.

    Now is the time to settle the matter of trust in our Father – preparing our hearts and minds so that we can be a light in the darkness.

  6. Chevtsivah Strauss says:

    Dear friends in Messiah Yahushua

    As we study prophecy and become so aware of the extreme difficult times that are upon us; the birthing and the Great Tribulation, the great expectancy and joy in my mind has been that millions of people (amongst which also family and friends) in all urgency will be crying out to Almighty YAH to be saved. They will seek truth, get to know His set apart Name, and grabbing the tsit-tsit of the true believer, yearn for His set apart ways. It is our responsibility as the Messianic Body of believers to be ready and counted worthy in love to receive them, care for them, nurture them and encourage them in a time such as this.
    HalleluYah, this is my dream and my prayer. That we will see the greatest exodus of people world wide coming out of Babylon to set free and rejoicing while entering the Kingdom of YAH through the blood offering of the Lamb and leading of the Ruwach ha Qodesh. That is why we need to study the Word, be prepared physically, spiritually and emotionally to be counted worthy for a time such as this. In His love.

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