The Ephraimite Exception Error

A Call to Action

by Rick Erb

Introduction by Batya Wootten


Shalom Friends,

A dear friend of ours, Rick Erb, has written an open letter that we want to share with you. In fact, Rick has written many open letters about the false accusations some in Messianic Judaism make against we who believe in the restoration of the whole house of Israel – we who believe in the last-days reunion of Ephraim and Judah (Isa 8:13-14; Eze 37:16-28).

This subject is dear to Rick’s heart. He is an Attorney who has a keen sense of fairness coupled with a desire to be at peace with all men. I personally think he is uniquely qualified to work in this difficult situation because he knows that both accountability and forgiveness must be at work in the Body of Messiah. Moreover, he always adds a bit of humor to his writings. He is wise enough to know that a “spoon full of sugar helps the medicine to go down.”

The title of Rick’s latest letter is, The Ephraimite Exception Error – A Call to Action. He concludes with several “exceptions” that are unfortunately being made by some.

With his blessing, I have added an “exception” at the end of his letter. I wanted to add it because I have had much personal experience with the hatred without cause, the sinat chinam of some in Messianic Judaism, which has included being slandered, vilified, boycotted and banned – all without cause. Nonetheless, we, my husband Angus, and I, both know that the Father allowed certain things to happen to us because He wanted to use them for good. The good is that, we continued to speak out in spite of the opposition and now, multiplied thousands understand the truth about Israel’s restoration and we feel truly blessed to have been allowed to be part of it.

Our prayer is that the false accusations would be stopped and the truth revealed – it being that I have never even thought, nor taught, that everyone has to be a biological heir of the Patriarchs in order to be saved. Their wives did not descend from them, so why would I ever say such a thing? I have never taught, embraced, nor tolerated in my presence, any ideas of “Replacement Theology.” Even the heathen know that a parent cannot replace one child with another, so how can someone even think that our Heavenly Father would do such a thing?

Enough said.

Joseph’s brothers once threw him into a pit and sold him as a slave. But good came out of his situation. In the end, when his brothers came to him, he forgave them and wept tears of joy over their reconciliation. My prayer is that Rick’s efforts might help bring us one step closer to a reconciliation with our beloved Messianic Jewish brothers.

May it be that Almighty God allows us, like Joseph and his brothers, to weep tears of joy together.

Am Yisrael Chai!
Shalom b’Yeshua,


The Ephraimite Exception Error – A Call to Action

In 1994, a position paper knifed its way into the Messianic community, entitled “The Ephraimite Error.” It was attributed, in this order, to Kay Silberling, Daniel Juster, and David Sedaca, and it became something of a watershed publication. It immediately began dividing G-d’s people from one another, and promoting and encouraging hostility toward the people which it ridiculed and vilified. That was apparently the intent of its writers, who, it seems, were determined to impose their personal agenda upon the entire Messianic movement. This has been its unwavering legacy, and the division and hostility which it promoted toward its initial victims has continuously expanded and strengthened with the passing of time. The hostile attitude which is so apparent in that writing has taken root in the hearts of many in the Messianic Jewish community, and it routinely manifests itself in their expressions of hatred and rage toward non-Jewish bondservants of Yeshua, who sense a personal connection with Israel. Folks, this is classic bigotry and prejudice.
Had this antagonistic little attack piece simply been published once and then laid aside to collect dust, the division with which we are now faced might have never come to be. Sadly, however, the leadership of the Messianic Jewish community immediately set out to aggressively publicize it, and to this day they still promote this piece and this attitude, fanning the flames of division and hostility within the Body of Messiah. We know -at least some of us know- that a tree is judged by its fruit. However, those who are fomenting this hostility seem to be completely oblivious to the fruit which is plainly evident by their actions. Perhaps they are cognizant of that fruit, and just don’t care. In any event, the existence of such fruit should be setting off alarms for people who have aligned themselves with these divisive and hateful spirits. And honestly, folks, why all the fuss? What is it that has them so tied up in knots?
Many of our Jewish brothers and sisters have been aware all along of the continuing significance and vitality of G-d’s Holy Torah. Those of us who are not Jewish, largely grew up in religious systems which denied that reality. However, we now find ourselves in an age in which things are changing all around us, and at a pace never before seen in all of recorded history. We are not just talking about technological and sociological change; theological changes, lots of them, are also taking place. For many centuries, few Jewish people would have even considered the possibility that Yeshua is the Promised One. But now, in just the past few decades, we have witnessed a rapid change in that belief. That, however, is not the only change in understanding which has been taking place among the children of G-d.
Many of us have been awakened-by God Himself – to His Holy Torah, and to our previously hidden connection with Israel. It is apparently now the appointed time for this awakening, which was foretold so long ago. We did not go looking for this awakening; this is clearly a movement which is coming upon us directly from G-d. This is so, whether or not it fits within the theological boundaries of the leaders of the major Messianic Jewish organizations, and those of their followers who have embraced, mimicked, and perpetuated the hostility which is so evident in the lives of their leadership

In fact, this movement of G-d absolutely does not fit within the artificial theological and cultural boundaries which have been erected and reinforced for centuries by religious tyrants. The same was true when Yeshua arrived. Some of our Messianic Jewish leaders have one or more very impressive degrees from apparently important theological institutions, some are unschooled rock stars, and others have backgrounds which are somewhere in between. These people, whether pedigreed blueblood theologians or self-taught laity, have oftentimes been enormously hostile to the notion that the well-established and time-honored religious and cultural boundaries might have actually been drawn in the wrong place all along.
With visceral hostility, clenched fists, flared nostrils, glaring eyeballs, and a plateful of righteous indignation, they demand “proof” that Ephraimites are somehow descended from Israel. They offer no proof of ancestry of their own, other than being able to trace back their individual lineage (maybe, at best) a few hundred years. Even then, they cannot personally trace their individual ancestry back to Jacob Occasionally the limited ancestry which is known to them is fully Jewish, but some only have one Jewish parent. Some of the hostiles within the Messianic Jewish movement don’t even have any Jewish ancestors, but have chosen anyway to join with them in attempting to stamp out the beliefs of “those Ephraimites.” Folks, something is enormously wrong with this picture.
All those who claim to have a relationship with the Holy One of Israel, through Yeshua, either know or should know of each of the instructions set out below. However, those who still think that The Ephraimite Error was pretty good medicine have carved out a gigantic exception to each of these well-known instructions. A philosophical perspective should have a name, so we will now refer to this inhospitable, hateful and arrogant attitude as The Ephraimite Exception Error Such a teaching is plainly the opposite of how the Bible teaches us to behave, and it stands in open defiance of the unity for which Yeshua prayed on the night on which He was betrayed. And yet, this very attitude is proudly promoted by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, and the International Messianic Jewish Alliance. That list is not exhaustive; there are others in the movement who promote this wicked little attitude as well.
So, what are the beliefs, attitudes, and mannerisms of someone who is possessed of The Ephraimite Exception Error? How will we know them when we see them coming? Well, let’s study a series of eternal truths, and contrast those truths with the sort of conduct which has been promoted by a number of the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement toward those non-Jews who dare to believe they have an actual connection with Israel. Here are just a few examples of some rules of the Kingdom (borrowed from the NASB) which we have all received from G-d, together with their corollary Ephraimite Exceptions, which come from (and are apparently pleasing to) someone other than G-d:
Exception 1

The Rule: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! (Psalms 133:1)
The Ephraimite Exception: Unity among brothers (and sisters) is good and pleasing to our Father – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. They’re not even brothers or sisters anyway, so this rule does not apply to them. When it comes to those Ephraimites, hostility is the name of the game; unity with them is unnecessary and unacceptable.

Exception 2
The Rule: Walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Ephesians 4:2-3)
The Ephraimite Exception: Be humble, gentle, patient, and tolerant with one another, in love, and pursue at least the appearance of unity – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. When it comes to those Ephraimites, hostility and ridicule is essential; unity is unacceptable. Humility? Gentleness? Patience? Tolerance? Save that stuff for the real people of G-d; those who think and act like we do. Don’t go wasting it on those Ephraimites.
Exception 3
The Rule: To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit. (1 Peter 3:8)
The Ephraimite Exception: Harmony, humility and tenderness toward one another is pleasing to our Father – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. When it comes to those Ephraimites, ignore their pleas to examine the Scripture together, shout them down, accuse them of heresy, accuse them of teaching replacement theology, accuse them of being insecure, accuse them of having an identity crisis, call them names, and demand that others of our kind do the same.
Exception 4
The Rule: You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people. (Leviticus 19:16)
The Ephraimite Exception: Slander is wrong – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. Slandering those Ephraimites is a mitzvah, a good deed, which G-d will surely reward. After all, those Ephraimites are not our people, and He is not their G-d.
Exception 5
The Rule: A perverse man spreads strife, and a slanderer separates intimate friends. (Proverbs 16:28)
The Ephraimite Exception: One should not spread strife or slander – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. When dealing with those Ephraimites, hostility is mandatory, and it is critical to separate as many of our kind as possible away from those Ephraimites. Slander is a great way to accomplish that objective, and it should be used frequently and with vigor.
Exception 6
The Rule: So, as those who have been chosen of G-d, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. (Colossians 3:12-14)
The Ephraimite Exception: Be loving, compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient with all fellow believers – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. Do not put up with them. Do not love them. Do not walk in unity with them. And, most importantly, do not be polite about it Being polite to them might give someone the impression that we endorse what they believe, and we must avoid even the appearance of unity with those Ephraimites.
Exception 7a

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Leviticus 19:18)
The Ephraimite Exception: Loving your neighbor is second in importance only to loving G-d – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. Take no Ephraimite as your neighbor, and love no Ephraimite. Anyone who lacks sufficient hostility toward those Ephraimites is a traitor to our kind, and must be blackballed from the congregation-OUR congregation; a Jewish one!
Exception 7b

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 19:19)
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.

Exception 7c

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39) 
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.

Exception 7d

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:31)
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.

Exception 7e

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:27) 
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.

Exception 7f

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Romans 13:9)
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.
Exception 7g

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Galatians 5:14)
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.
Exception 7h

The Rule: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (James 2:8) 
The Ephraimite Exception: See Ephraimite Exception 7a.
Exception 8
The Rule: If someone says, “I love G-d,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love G-d whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves G-d should love his brother also. (1 John 4:20-21)
The Ephraimite Exception: Show love to all fellow believers – EXCEPT! – when it comes to those Ephraimites. They are not our brothers or sisters, and their heresy must be stamped out. When it comes to those Ephraimites, a really nasty attitude goes a long way toward proving that you have a deep and reverential love of G-d.
No Exceptions
The reality of the matter is that G-d is not the source of any of those exceptions, nor will he reward such attitudes and conduct. The hostility toward Ephraimites which has been stoked carefully for years by a number of the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement is, plainly speaking, sinful and wicked. Many within the Ephraimite community have attempted, for many years now, to dialog with our Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters, and try to get us all beyond the attitude which is expressed in The Ephraimite Error. But, the response from the Messianic Jewish leadership has been either complete and stony silence or open hostility; neither approach is acceptable. We have our reasons for believing we have an actual connection with Israel. You have your reasons for rejecting such a notion. Fine So what? It is not essential for us to be in perfect agreement on that issue. But why have you concluded that it is essential for you to be so vicious and divisive about the matter?
Walls come in many forms and they serve many purposes, but a wall which separates brothers and sisters from one another is a wall which must be destroyed; the sooner the better. Plainly and unquestionably, G-d is not the architect of such a wall. He has begun the restoration of the Whole House of Israel, as He promised He would so very long ago, and this wall of division and hostility, which is embodied in The Ephraimite Error, is a wall which must come down.
Mr. Chernoff . . tear down this wall.
Mr. Liberman . . . tear down this wall.
Mr. Resnick . . . tear down this wall.
Long ago, our Father told us of a day, which has obviously not yet arrived, in which He Himself would establish for us the unity for which so many of us now yearn. Our Father said:
Human being, it is to your kinsmen – your brothers, your relatives and the whole house of Isra’el – that the people living in Yerushalayim have said, “Get away from Adonai! This land has been given to us to possess!” Therefore, say that Adonai Elohim says this: “True, I removed them far away among the nations and scattered them among the countries; nevertheless, I have been a little sanctuary for them in the countries to which they have gone.” Therefore, say that Adonai Elohim says this: ‘I will gather you from the peoples and collect you from the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give the land of Isra’el to you.’ Then they will go there and remove all its loathsome things and disgusting practices, and I will give them unity of heart. I will put a new spirit among you. I will remove from their bodies the hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh;  so that they will live by my regulations, obey my rulings and act by them. Then they will be my people, and I will be their God. (Ezekiel 11:15-20 CJB, emphasis added)
There are no Ephraimite Exceptions in the Bible, nor are there any in G-d’s Kingdom, nor should there be any in Israel. To teach and act otherwise is to openly defy the Holy One of Israel. May He shatter this attitude of hostility and division which is embodied in The Ephraimite Exception Error, and may He put a heart of flesh within those who have to this point created and promoted this phony exception and this very real hostility. May we all be united in G-d’s regulations and rulings, and may we all walk in unity, without hostility toward one another. Then-and apparently not until then-we will be His people, and He will be our Elohim. Brothers and sisters, may we be the generation which sees these things come to pass.
A Call To Action
The people who have been subjected to the hostility and alienation of The Ephraimite Exception Error have for decades now been attempting to dialog with those who have been promoting that error. A number of those proponents are mentioned above by name. Others, who are not named, have also joined with them in promoting this hostility, and have done so with a vengeance. Why they are so concerned over the notion of simply sitting down together, behaving like brothers and sisters, and dialoging with one another, is beyond comprehension. And, what has been gained by all of the hostility? Plainly stated, we are all without excuse for this situation.

We all have an obligation to conduct ourselves in accordance with the standards of righteousness which are set forth in the Bible, and that includes communicating with one another in love, and seeking to promote unity, whether or not we are in full agreement with one another on this ancestral matter. A meeting of the persons who currently find themselves in positions of leadership is in order, and it is time for the leaders of the Messianic movement to start taking the phone calls when other Messianic leaders call them, and responding to letters when they receive them, whether or not there is agreement on the issue of Ephraim, or any other issue over which persons of good conscience might not fully agree.
The time has come for dialog and interaction, and hopefully even a meeting of the leadership of the various Messianic organizations. It is not essential to arrive at some doctrinal agreement which satisfies everyone. In fact, that is plainly not possible at this time. However, it is possible for us to dwell in unity and to be a blessing to one another, if we choose to do so; let’s choose to do so. No doubt, that is a goal which our Father would appreciate.
Addendum: The Final Exception by Batya Wootten
The Rule: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (Exodus 20:16)
The Ephraimite Exception: This is the ninth commandment of our God. His commandments are fundamental to our covenant with Him and we must keep them – EXCEPT! – there must be no more exceptions to this rule. It is time for the “exceptions” and the false accusations to come to end. It is time for the brethren of Israel to come together in Messiah Yeshua.
May it be so in our day.

Your thoughts and comments.   

This is a team effort, so we would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

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15 Responses to The Ephraimite Exception Error

  1. Batya says:

    In response to my first book, “In Search of Israel,” and to our first “Israel” conferences, Dan Juster wrote a critical “White Paper” (1989?).

    In response to that, we put together a 120 page (?) bound Report, which included a 68 page response from me. It was delivered to Dan, and at his request sent to every member of the UMJC Theology Committee. I simply asked that they “accurately quote me, and then correct me with the Word.”

    They have never done that, despite our repeated attempts at communication.

    I have all but shouted from the housetops that I do not believe that everyone has to be a biological Israel in order to be saved, yet I continue to be maligned with this and other untruths.
    It saddens me greatly, because such behavior misrepresents the God of Israel to the people whom He would like to have draw near.

    My prayer is that understanding and brotherhood in Messiah would soon prevail.

    For the record, I understand why Joseph had to be thrown in a pit, and why we had to travel down a sometimes lonely path that led to many seeing the truth about Ephraim.
    Nonetheless, we still see those who opposed us as “brothers” and long to be reunited with them.

  2. Bethany says:

    Shalom Batya,
    I didn’t realize before but I should have addressed my comment to you instead of Rick. However, I know you will read it so I guess it’s OK.
    Blessings in Yeshua

  3. Bethany says:

    Shalom Rick,
    First of all I’m so glad to receive the ‘Zechariah’s Patrol Report’ I was amazed at how G-D connects me in the right places and to the right people.
    Well, to make my point, I don’t really care who thinks what about the Ephramites but I was blessed to connect with this small group of Ephraimites in India who are Believers in Yeshua and have probably been there since the past 2500+years. They speak a language called Telegu and are in desperate need of Bibles printed in the Telegu language. These Ephraimites are so poor that they do not even have enough food to eat. We are just two people who helped them to some extent (me and my friend in France) but its hard on us too and its like our hearts reaching out but not our hand. So we need more help for them. My fervent request is; Please pray and PLEASE HELP THEM with the Bibles, food and clothing which can be sent directly to them as I live in Canada. For more info please email me.
    Thank you and YAH bless.

  4. Sally R says:

    Just felt led to add a few comments, Rick, Batya and Angus, to what I have written before – When I first came across Messianic Judiasm and believing Jewish people, I was really excited that our Abba was about His work of lifting the veil from their eyes according to His word. I saw and heard about their struggles when some of their families ostracised them and also how, if they entered the Church system they couldn’t stay there, sometimes because of anti-semitism and also because that system doesn’t keep the feasts etc. etc. The founders of this movement stood in a hard place but they persevered and fellowships were built where Jewish believers could feel ‘at home’ . A Jewish believer here in the UK when I was in the Church system, taught me from the word about the feasts etc. They have so much to give us especially when we come newly into the whole House of Israel teaching and we have much to give them of our love and support especially against anti-semitism, as we all know that the Jewish people have been hated for years. Sadly it seems now, that we of Messianic Israel are the ones who are ostracised by sometimes believers in the Church system and some of Messianic Judiasm. However, what a real blessing it has been from our Abba when I have met a Jewish believer who have embraced the whole House of Israel teaching and I then know that he or she and I are part of the ‘one new man’ in Yeshua HaMaschiach – it’s so WONDERFUL – HalleluYah. One more, thing as I said in my last posting, I will keep praying that the ‘olive branch’ will be accepted from you all and that there will be a wonderful re-union!!
    With much ahava and shalom to the three of you in our great Messiah, from Sarah in the UK.

  5. Sally R says:

    To encourage you, Batya,Angus and Rick – Thank you for letting us all know what you are trying to do about reconciliation with some of Messianic Judah; it is always of our Father when we reach out with an loving olive branch!! All that has been happening reminds me of the division of the House of Israel when the northern tribes declared ‘To your tents, O Israel etc. etc. I am so glad that we do not have to be like this, Batya, Angus and Rick and I have prayed that the ‘olive branch’ will be received so that we will all, including those who have built up a wall, listen to our great Messiah, who said that it wouldn’t be about getting our theology correct or anything else but by our LOVE for one another, that the world would see HIM; how grieved He must be knowing what has been happening. May those of Messianic Judah be challenged by the Ruach Hakodesh to pick up the gauntlet that you, Rick, are handing to them and be reconciled to their brothers and sisters in our mighty Saviour to bless Him and bring healing to those who are hurting. I, as an intercessor for Messianic Israel (UK) will continue to pray as the Ruach leads.
    Sent with ahava and shalom to you all (and them) if they read my comments Sarah

  6. Andre and Chele Sansoucy says:

    First, we agree wholeheartedly with Rick. We have experienced some of this hostility in the Phoenix area, finding ourselves unwelcome as Ephraim, back in the late 90’s.
    Reading Colosssians it seems clear there is ONE Body, with Yeshua as Head of that body. Scripture makes no place for two seperate people…we are to be One, in love, witnessing to an unsaved world.
    We quote the Complete Jewish Bible…
    “The new self allows no room for discriminating between Gentile and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, foreigner, savage, slave, free man; on the contrary, in all the Messiah is everything Col.3:11 and continuing in verse 14…”Above all these, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together perfectly; 15…and let the shalom which comes from the Messiah be your hearts decision-maker, for this is why you were called to be part of a single body.”
    It is sad that some of brother Judah seem to dislike us so…it would seem they don’t read their own translation. We must continue to walk in love “and let the shalom which comes from the Messiah be our hearts decision-maker.
    Shalom in Messiah Yeshua
    Andre and Chele Sansoucy
    Phoenix 6/12/11

  7. David F. says:

    Dear Zechariah’s Patrol, I read this article and commend your bravery in writing it. I have read the opposing side’s arguments in this matter and have come to the conclusion that it would be good for both sides to talk with each other as well. I have personally experienced what you have described above from Messianic Jews, Orthodox Jews and other Jews who don’t fit a catagory. Something voiced to me from them was a fear that we, who appear as typical Christians to them, are trying to steal what is there’s, just as Christians have done to them since the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Frankly, as a historian I can understand this fear and I think it needs to be addressed in a Scripurally appropriate manor. I personally was cautioned when discussing this issue with Jews to approach it with humility and with an attitude of servanthood and then be prepared to wait a decade of knowing them to see fruit. It would not be fruitful if I approach them with an attitude of “I have true spiritual knowledge that will set you free and set you straight” which is boastfull and proud. Isn’t that what the Northern Kingdom did so many years ago when it broke away from the Southern Kingdom? Wasn’t the Northern Kingdom guilty of creating a false religious system that took certain elements from the true religious practices and then added paganism to it? As I believe I am a physical descendant of that system, who am I to tell the Jews what they should do or not do. All I can do is approach them with humility and a servants heart. All I can do is show them brotherly love by serving them. Once that happens, I find they are curious to know what I believe and all I can tell them is I was not taught by my ‘fathers’ the true oracles of YHWH, I believe He is the One and Only Elohim and I am searching to worship Him in a manner pleasing to Him. I tell them I believe in haMassiach, the Temple being rebuilt, the restoration of Israel, the Hebrew Prophets, the Sayings, the written Torah and that YHWH will restore His people to the Promised Land. As a further note, when I share these things with Christians, most think I am joining a Jewish cult and I see a “here is a heretic worth burning” look in their eye. Very common and somewhat alarming to me. It seems we are caught ‘betwixt and between’ but we will not waiver from the Truth and He strengthens us to walk the narrow path. I strive to be a wise virgin who has plenty of oil in my lamp so when my Bridegroom comes, I can be ready. I hope any errors I have done in this approach or things I should add be understood in the light that I am still in process with this whole movement and believe I still have much to learn.

  8. Wm. Sanborn says:

    Shalom Dearly Beloved.

    Regarding: The Ephraimite Exception Error, A Call to Action
    by Rick Erb
    Introduction by Batya Wootten

    Please relay this to Batya, and Rick.

    I’m one of those so called no count Ephraimites, called out of the church, by the Ruach, in 2001.
    Yes; I’m seen as an interloper by my Jewish brethren.
    I can’t imagine how it is though, that they would think we are trying to Wiesel our way into their exclusive faith and brotherhood.
    “After all ,who in their right mind would want to become part of one of the most hated and persecuted people on earth. “ And, oh yes, to say nothing of the rejection of family and friends.
    Hmmmmmm, perhaps the God they claim to love has something to do with it.

    “Oh blind hypocrites, when will you open your eyes/heart?”

    The very heart of Torah is LOVE. The essence of all scripture is about this. I
    It is the glue of the universe.
    Alas, it is still a four letter word to most brethren on both side of the fence. We, all of us, have much to learn, and apply, on this.

    One last comment:
    The prophetic, call: “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” is a world wide phenomenon.
    Tens of millions are being awakened…………………………..

    People fear what they don’t understand!

    Perhaps our brethren, Messianic Judaism, fall in that category.
    But they will soon understand, and that won’t stop the fear; because they will then realize that we outnumber the worldwide population of Jews by ten to one.

    May the God of Israel solve that little problem soon.

    May ABBA bless you all.

    Wm. Sanborn
    Roesburg, Oregon

  9. James Autry says:

    We pray that both groups will love each other, embrace Truth & not allow the enemy to accomplish his purposes in their lives. We also pray that both groups will establish His Kingdom, by walking in purity within the Gift of Intimacy, humility within the Gift of Authority & generosity within the Gift of Resources. Finally, we pray that both groups will discover their Destiny, walk in their Calling & fulfill their Purpose, that He may say, “Well Done!” (I hope you don’t like it rare!)

  10. Silisia says:

    Thanks for all your efforts to “gather” and not “scatter.”

  11. Arron says:

    This kind of attitude is exactly why I believe YHWH has not allowed us to go into any Messy congregations but kept us in home meetings since leaving the “Church” nine years ago. It never ceases to amaze me how Jews and ex-churchy Messianics can read their own Tanachs/Old Testaments and fail to see the truth all over the prophets. The talmidim did not need degrees to spread the word and they had more power of Ruach Kodesh than any so called leaders of today. Maybe too much education is the problem…And did not Yahshua say to call no man Teacher or Rabbi? I rest my case……..

  12. LaRee says:

    I believe the point could have been made with fewer words. I would like to see actual quotes by The Ephraimite Exception Error on each of these exceptions instead of only alluding to what has been said and done. There were three men named but there were no quotations sited by these men or their organizations. I believe that all that is alluded to may actually be happening, but this article is spiteful, hurt and pouting in its wording and repetition. It sounds like one of my boys trying to get his ‘side’ in before (or after) his brother. “Mommy, he did this to me!” We may be in danger of stooping to our brother’s level if we continue to publish articles of this nature without actual, documented, quotations. When have we ever been told to defend ourselves against this foolishness? YHWH is our defender. He will make our righteousness obvious. “Ps 37:6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.”
    I noticed that the next verse in Ezekiel was not included-“Eze 11:21 But as for them whose heart walketh after the heart of their detestable things and their abominations, I will recompense their way upon their own heads, saith the Lord GOD.” We must continue to pray for our brothers that they will repent so that they may escape this punishment. ( I believe you are doing so.) We do not need to write “tattle tale” articles but if there is a need to expose a matter we should not make allusions. Be straight forward! Name names! Post quotes! Pray that we are not doing the same things our errant brothers are doing. “2Co 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”
    Then, let’s grow up and not get distracted from what we are called to be – a light to the world. The world is thoroughly disgusted with our childish bickering.

    • Rick says:

      Dear LaRee,

      Thank you for your feedback on The Ephraimite Exception Error. To this day, you can still access The Ephraimite Error on the following official websites:

      The Messianic Jewish Alliance:

      The International Messianic Jewish Alliance:

      The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia:

      There are other websites which also promote that position paper, but these are a few of the more prominent ones, simply because they are some of the leading organizations within the Messianic Jewish movement. I did not see a reason to cite to specific statements which have been made against people who identify with Ephraim simply because the hostility toward us has been so pervasive and has gone on for so long that I didn’t think there would be any real question about whether or not the attitude actually exists. Even from your communication, I don’t get the impression that you doubt the existence of the problem, but rather that you would take a different approach to putting it on the table for discussion. That is certainly a fair criticism. Different people approach the resolution of a problem in different ways.

      This particular article was not written specifically for Zechariah’s Patrol Report. It was published there, but I wrote it without that specific publication in mind. When I wrote it, I was writing with the notion of mailing it directly to a number of the more prominent leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement, and that is in fact what I did with it. I mailed it to quite a number of those leaders, and it’s not the first time I’ve tried to communicate with them. This happened to be the most direct approach I have taken so far in addressing the matter with them, but I have been attempting to communicate with them for nearly two years now, and they are not interested in communicating.

      It is entirely possible that someone else might get a different response, but that has been my experience. Maybe you would be able to break through and get a better result than I have had. If you do have doubts about whether or not I have accurately described the attitude of many of our brothers and sisters in the Messianic Jewish movement, I encourage you to make phone calls to the major Messianic Jewish organizations or Synagogues, identify yourself as an Ephraimite, and ask to speak to the leader of the organization. I honestly do not believe there is any question about whether or not this problem exists, and that is why I didn’t spend any time offering specific examples. I think The Ephraimite Error is actually a very good example in and of itself of the general attitude that has existed for a couple of decades now.

      There were two groups of people who I chose to include by name in the article. In the first group are those people who are identified as the authors of The Ephraimite Error. In the second group are leaders of some of the major Messianic Jewish organizations. I included them because I believed them to be in a position to bring about a change, if they choose to do so.

      Again, LaRee, thank you for your candid thoughts on the article. I appreciate the sincerity of your rebuke, and accept it as one coming from a member of the family who genuinely cares for other members of the family; I feel the very same way.


      Rick Erb

    • Wade says:

      LaRee, it appears to me that you have heard the voice of our Father…may your comments and spirit be well taken by all leadership on both sides of the argument.
      shalom brother!

  13. Vonnie Ward says:

    Hi Rick/Batayah and Angus,

    I have talked with Rick on e-mail once before and have met Batayah and Angus upon numerous occasions. I am from the DFW area.

    I was a part of Messianic Judism for many years beginning in 1987 and was very active with a group in Fort Worth. The Lord taught me much in these years and these believers/Jews were as close to me as my own family. Many things and trips to Israel occurred in these years and if there be one thing this group of Jewish Believers would say about me, having known me on the intimate family level that we knew each other, they would tell you, “Vonnie, our sister is anything but anti-semetic. Vonnie teaches many about and against Replacement Theology. And, our sister Vonnie is truly one who walks with a Ruth heart and spirit.” Now, forgive me for using myself in the third person, because, truly of all I have just said about myself, my boast is in the Lord. But, I am trying to make a point. These Jewish Believers knew and know I love them and had come along side of them and was one with them as a “part” of the commonwealth of Israel (this congregation was a sister congregation to the Chernoff congregation in Philidelphia). And, now some of them would be the very ones who would oppose this understanding of “Ephraim & Judah.” And, because of this, since 1996, I have had to separate from them. So, as I, along with all the rest of the Ephraim bretheren wait on Yahweh to bring the healing here, I simply pose this question/comment: “Is not the most anti-semetic heart attitude and the most replacement theology approach the one that believes and insist that there is only one tribe, Judah, and that Yahweh would replace the 12 tribes with just Judah?” Hope this makes sense. I am continuing to pray.
    Shalom, Vonnie Ward-DFW

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