Zechariah’s Vision and “The Quartet”

Angus Wootten Reviews an article by Dennis Northington

I, Angus, recently wrote an article titled A Time of Decision for All Israel. To further emphasize the crucial time in which we live I want you to see Dennis Northington’s Blog, especially his recent Scriptural Study titled Zechariah’s Vision and “The Quartet.”

Dennis’ study opens with a video of President Jimmy Carter being interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Jimmy Carter and Presidents Clinton and Obama are proponents of using U.S. pressure and influence to divide Israel into two countries. Following the video Dennis asks the question, what does Jimmy Carter have to do with Zechariah’s Vision and The Quartet? Could Zechariah’s vision be describing a modern day Quartet composed of four governing entities: The United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations? Interestingly U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has given this Quartet the name The International Quartet. Their stated goal is to divide YHVH’s Promised Land.

Dennis concludes that a yes answer to his question does seem plausible. Any Bible scholar will tell you that symbolically, horns symbolize Government in Bible prophecy. So, the four horns described by Zechariah could very well represent the governmental authority of “The International Quartet.” Additionally it is reasonable that the four “craftsmen” describe those nations that oppose the “Quartet” today?

Please view this edifying study at Dennis’ Blog, My Scripture Studies. Also, while you are there check out his other informative studies.

We live at a crucial time in the history of this planet. The decisions that we (Ephraim) make regarding what we should and can do regarding the division of YHVH’s Land will affect the fate of our generation. It is quite natural to feel that individually there is really not much that we can do, but we can never know the impact that a simple action, or task, or a few words may have. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and it is completed by taking step after step, after step. At two feet per step it will take 2,604,000 steps to complete the thousand-mile journey.

In a like manner it is going to take a lot of people to fill the land of Israel until there is no more room (Zechariah 10:10). Basically it is a “numbers game,” and the Israelis see the Arab womb as their greatest nemeses in creating and maintaining their concept of the Commonwealth of Israel. Therefore, they see accepting some version of an Israel for all its citizens (inhabitants) rather than an Israel that insures a Jewish majority is national suicide. But, what if Ephraim could show Judah that we have the numbers that would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy? What if they could see that Ephraim and Judah, when joined together in the land can defeat their enemies? (Isaiah 11:11– 14).

Obviously the first step for the Ephraimites is to show that they have the potential of coming up with the numbers that can offset the Arab womb. We do not have the needed numbers now, but they are available among the some two and a half billion Christians. The vast majority of whom are undoubtedly numbered among Israel’s lost sheep. However, for them to become found sheep and come to the knowledge that they are citizens of the Commonwealth of Israel someone must bring the good news to them. And each and every one of us can be a someone to somebody!

The article 2010 A Year of Opportunity outlines just how we can take advantage of present-day opportunities that will result in Jerusalem, all Judea and Samaria being possessed by Israelites whose King is the Greater Son of David!

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Batya and I thank you for your help and support, and we pray that you will be inspired to continue to co-labor with us. For getting the Good News to Israel’s lost sheep that they are equal citizens of the Commonwealth of Israel is a team effort.

Your support of Key of David may be made online at the Key of David Marketplace, or at Messianic Israel Alliance  Or, mail to Key of David, PO Box 700217, Saint Cloud, FL 34770. Or, by phone at 407-344-7700.

Shalom b’Yeshua,


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  1. Richard Altom says:

    Shalom Angus

    I enjoyed your last Zechariah Patrol. Let us keep telling the truth.
    Me and Edie and the whole congregation are praying for you and Batya and the MIA.

    We Love You, Shalom Rich

  2. טיולים says:

    Loved your blog, thank you for your posting.

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