Yom Teruah and Silver Trumpets – Part I

At the end of September, the feast of Yom Teruah, or the Day of Blowing, will be upon us. (This day is primarily and mistakenly known in Judaism as Rosh
Hashanah, or the Head of the Year.)

Yom Teruah is a unique feast in that it is the only one that occurs on the  new moon. All other feasts occur on the full moon. To me, this particular feast speaks of a time of “darkness.” It also is a time when two hammered silver  trumpets are to be sounded in unison. When we study these silver trumpets  inNumbers 10:1-10 we begin to see an enlarged picture of this unique, end-time  prophetic feast day. We surely live in a time of relative darkness, and in Scripture, trumpets depict voices. For this reason, this little known feast  speaks to me of Israel’s restoration, and of the twin voices of Ephraim and  Judah sounding together, that we might be remembered before our God.

Many are speaking of the difficult times that we potentially now face and I  would like to encourage us to begin to prepare out hearts that we might  celebrate this feast with greater depth and new understanding.

If you have a small (or large) fellowship, you might want to purchase a set  of twin silver trumpets from the Messianic  Israel Alliance Marketplace. They are reasonablely priced and have small  rings from which you can hang banners. We often used a set of them to open our  Fall MIA Conferences. We would have two men dressed in white, one from Ephraim  and one from Judah, and each had a banner with the names of their houses on them  in Hebrew and English. It is truly both electrifying and encouraging to experience this feast in this way.

I want to mention the silver trumpets  at this time so everyone will have time to order a set of them and to make a small set of banners.

My hope is to have people send me pictures (or  video clips) of their celebration so I can use them in videos I am making to go  with the songs from Will Spires new CD, The Return. Currently I have completed  three videos: “I Am YHVH, Road to Zion, and HaKol Shel Abba.” They are stirring  songs that tell of our return. (Scroll down to the section which describes the songs to view these three videos on YouTube.)

Over the next few weeks we will post several articles taken from my book, Israel’s Feasts and Their Fullness. This unique book focuses on Israel’s restoration and it offers four chapters on Yom Teruah, including a suggested outlined for “Ten Days of Prayer.” As we progress in this endeavor, we will post a free PDF of that brochure. You will be able to print it out, fold it, and keep it in your Bible, or you can order printed copies from Key of David Publishing. Guides are also available for “Messianic Shabbat,  Messianic Havdallah, Messianic Passover, and Messianic Jewish  Passover.”

Several of my ministry friends have written to me of late  saying things like, “The LORD seems to be really shaking the tree.” And, “It is  time for us to get serious, our lives depend upon it.”

I tend to agree.  However, my focus in the upcoming articles will be on celebrating our faith, on  growing in our understanding, and on arising to the high and holy call that now lies before us. We may live in difficult times, but we need to remember that, in order to get an up close and personal view of our Father’s mighty right arm of  deliverance in action, we have to be in a place wherein we need deliverance. So  even if the times are hard, they will nonetheless be exciting and inspiring.  (Even if we do not especially need personal deliverance at this time, we know  people who do need it and we can share our faith with them.)

My prayer  is that we might begin to be loosely joined together in a new and meaningful celebration of a feast that has, until this time, been shrouded in misunderstanding and unintentional misrepresentation. May we who have been called our Father’s “scattered and hidden ones” be so blessed as to help bring out the truth about this Holy Convocation, may it be brought into His glorious light (Hosea 1:6,9-10; 2:1,23; Jeremiah 31:20; Isaiah 7:8; 11:13-14; Zechariah 10:7).

Yours for Israel’s Restoration,


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Feast Book Special Offer
Through September 30, 2011

Having YHVH’s people celebrate His appointed Feasts is extremely important. The reason given by Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh as to why the Israelites should leave Egypt was, “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Let My people go that they may celebrate a feast to Me in the wilderness” (Exodus 5:2). YHVH makes it clear that His people must celebrate His appointed Feasts forever (2 Chronicles 2:4).

The challenge for us today is that, we do not have the same Levitical Priesthood, a tabernacle or a temple, nor an animal sacrificial system, all of which are required in order to celebrate YHVH’s appointed  feasts in the manner that He outlined in Torah. So, what are we to do? How then, are we to celebrate?

Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness – Expanded Edition by Batya Wootten, is an anointed book that shows Believers how to celebrate the Feasts of Israel in a way that honors Yeshua and helps to restore the two houses of Israel. It shows what Scripture says about each feast, compares that to the traditions of both Judaism and Christianity, then she suggests ways in which we can help bring joyous restoration to the whole house of Israel.

This feast book is like no other. It is truly unique in its perspectives. Acclaimed as the “best feast book ever,” in this new Expanded Edition, Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness offers even more prophetic insights!

In her delightful, penetrating style, Batya examines the feasts and shows how they relate to Israel’s reunion, redemption, and full restoration. She explains why Believers now feel led to celebrate the feasts, and how their celebrations relate to the latter days. Her astute observations bring encouragement, clarity and fresh insights at every turn.

The Feast book contains Simple Celebration Instruction Guides for the Sabbath, Havdalah, and Passover, plus it includes a Guide which gives a suggested outlined for Ten Days of Prayer for the Ten Days of Awe (the ten days from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur). Guides are available in print, and/or you can download a PDF of each guide.

Batya’s feast book is an exciting read that offers us hope for our future. It is a “must have” for your library shelf. You will refer to it again and again for years to come. Many people have told us that they reread particular feast sections as the feasts approach each year, and they keep gaining new insights from the book. It is also a wonderful gift for family members and friends.

This book is an essential tool for those who hope to see the whole house of Israel be
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The Return is a profoundly unique album sung by Will Spires with many of the songs
written by Batya Wootten. People who long to return to the Holy One as a
reunited and restored House of Israel will find these songs are truly about our
faith, about our walk in Messiah, and about our Father’s awesome promises to

Some are inspiring songs of encouragement, some make you want to dance, and
some are so worship-filled that they will bring you to tears. Each one is unique
and beautiful in its own way.

The song titles on the album are: I Am YHWH, Awake and Sing, Ezekiel 37 Reading, Road to Zion, High Plains Drifter Benediction, LeMoedim, HaKol Shel Abba, Everyday Mercy, The Return, Who Are These,  Firstborn Redeemer, Light Bringer’s Blessing.


“Road to Zion”

“HaKol Shel Abba” (The Voice of the Father)

For the intriging story on how this collection of songs came to be see: A Song of the Lord – The Birth of an Album by Batya Ruth Wootten.

You can hear clips of all of the songs, order CDs, the 20 page booklet that has the words to the songs, and/or download individual songs with a print-out of the words at http://kodpublishing.com

At the recent MIA boot camp we offered a Special: A copy of The Return CD, a 20 page booklet that has the words to the songs, plus a copy of the book, Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primer, all for $15. Now, we are making this same offer available on line.

This album, like the book, Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primer, is an excellent resource to reach people and encourage them to investigate their heritage.

To order the CD, the book of the words to the songs, and/or to download individual songs with a print out of the words to the songs go to kodpublishing.com, or call 407-344-7700.

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