The purpose of Zechariah’s Patrol Report is to provide a website that provides comments on world events from the view point of Heaven’s Throne Room. We have included a language translator for convenience for other languages but remember, this is ‘machine’ translation.

We are engaged in a War of Words. Be sure that you are well armed!

For Ephraim to once a again become a mighty man ready for YHVH’s Whistle to return to the land and join with his brother Judah, and together defeat their enemies, he must increase his numbers (Zechariah 10:7-12).

This requires that lost sheep become found sheep. This transformation under the guidance of the Ruach Ha Kodesh can best be accomplished by providing appropriate verbal and written information, and fellowship to lost sheep.

Twenty thousand copies Ephraim and Judah – Israel Revealed which have been distributed in the past has been a key factor in turning lost sheep into found sheep. It has proven to be an excellent initial word weapon.  However, Batya Wootten’s classic “handout book” Ephraim and Judah – Israel Revealed, is now out of print in paper, but it is available as a free eBook. The link is on this website. Several people have asked for the eBook on a CD. So it is also available at Key of David Marketplace $4 (to cover shipping and handling costs).

The good news is that Key of David Publishing has a new and improved version of this classic book. It is titled, Who Is Israel – Redeemed Israel – A Digest. This exciting overview will make an excellent and inexpensive handout. It can now be ordered at a very special price at Key of David Marketplace .

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